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Extra Curricular

Primary Students

Enrichment Program

Noosa Christian College facilitates an enrichment program for students in the Primary campus each year. This program runs during Terms 2 and 3 for four weeks at a time (1 hour per week). A variety of activities are offered, which give students opportunity to draw on their personal interests and skills, to be creative, to problem solve and to live out values such as kindness and teamwork. Students are given the opportunity to take part in two activities per year from their preferences of the activities available each term. In recent years, these have included;


  • Drama
  • Craft and Service – making gifts for local aged care homes
  • Gardening
  • Cooking
  • Puppetry
  • Photography
  • Singing
  • Kitchen Chemistry
4 to 10 Years


Noosa Adventurer Club runs on the first Saturday of every month. It is based at the Noosa Christian College campus and activities include exploring nature, games, outdoor activities, camping, religious instruction and service opportunities. In South Queensland we have a simplified and condensed curriculum to provide better structure and understanding of investiture requirements.

For the Pre-Adventurer program: Little Lamb Class (age 4) and Early Bird Class (age 5), have been adapted from the world wide curriculum to suit the Australian context. Recently our Little Lamb and Early Bird Classes have been adapted to match with Busy Bee, Sunbeam, Builder and Helping Hand.




Awards are a wonderful way of involving parents and Church family in Adventurer ministry. Consider what skills, hobbies, knowledge and interests your club’s families (and wider church family) have that they can bring to Adventurers through an award? Many awards can be done for the whole Club, and doing them in an interactive and engaging manner (rather than completing worksheets) can make for a time of fun and fellowship.

To view a complete list of awards available to Australian Adventurers please click here.

For more awards you can also go to the GC Youth Adventurer Page.


For further information on Adventurer Club, rallies, forms and registration, please go to:


CONTACT for Noosa Adventurer Club – Mrs Allison Blandin de Chalain | Phone 0498 541 229



10 to 15 Years


The Pathfinder program provides opportunities for its members to develop holistically including the importance of Spiritual values and a positive mental attitude.

The purpose of the Pathfinder organisation is to meet the needs of young people in a way that is current for this generation. It is relevant, active and develops positive lifestyle habits that will bring out the best in every young person who is involved. The active program will develop a positive well-rounded lifestyle, an appreciation of the outdoors and confidence in their attitudes to life issues. Pathfinders will supplement the home and provide a safe place where this age group can grow into thinking, caring young people who want to contribute to today’s world.



The Pathfinder Clubs in South Queensland have the choice of four curriculums

1. Traditional Card System
2. Speciality
3. ‘Way to Go’
a. Way to go Pursuits
4. Evidence Based Curriculum

No curriculum method is perfect. They all have weaknesses and the attitude of the club director, teachers and staff really make a big difference in the way they operate. Contact us to discuss how each curriculum works so that you can make an informed decision about what curriculum your club will adopt.




Honours are a core part of Pathfinders and provide elements of learning, fun, fellowship and self-development. Once an honour is completed, the Pathfinder is awarded a patch to sew onto their Pathfinder sash.

In South Queensland we encourage all Pathfinders and Leaders to keep the honour in Honours and to support this it is important that sufficient documented proof of honour completion is supplied to the District Director for approval.

To view a complete list of honours available to Australian Pathfinders please click here.

All SPD listed honours have workbooks and assessments provided and these honours are preferred. If you wish to incorporate honours from other Divisions, it is important that similar paperwork is completed. It is also possible to design a new honour. Check first if the honour exists if not follow this link to the South Pacific Division site that will have the documentation and process to create an honour.

Whilst we prefer that South Pacific Division honours are used in the first instance, there are many other honours available which can be found at the General Conference Youth Website here.


Pathfinder Events




Pathfinder Orienteering weekend is run every two years on the long weekend in May. This is open to all clubs and pathfinders who are interested in completing their Pathfinder Orienteering Honour.
For information go to our events page (link to page)




Teen Expeditions are run in the June/July school holidays each year and are for those Pathfinders who are in Ranger, Voyager or Guide Classes.

In South Queensland we run expeditions on a rotating basis across a three year period.

  1. Hiking/Cycling Expedition
  2. Canoeing Expedition
  3. Island Expedition

For further information go to our events page.

2022 Teen Expedition to K’Gari (Fraser Island) video can be viewed here:






Pathfinder Rally day is where all our South Queensland clubs get together and spend a Sabbath together. Each club wears their full dress uniform and the program consists of both morning and afternoon sessions. Awards are handed out and highlights from the year are shared. Pathfinder Rally takes place every year.
For information on the current year’s Pathfinder Rally please go to our events page.




Pathfinder Fair day is where all our South Queensland clubs get together and spend a Sunday together. Each club wears their field uniforms and takes part in traditional pathfinder activities that test the skills and teamwork of each club. Activities can include knot tying, building items using lashings & natural materials, fire building, cooking, marching and lots more. Clubs are awarded pennants at the end of the day based on their skills, teamwork and spirit.




Pathfinder Camporees is a local or regional gathering of Pathfinder clubs who camp together for a weekend or longer period. The Camporee includes morning and afternoon activities, flag and marching ceremonies and worship programs each evening.

South Queensland Conference Camporees are held every four years with the next one held over Easter in April 2021. All clubs in the South Queensland Conference are welcome to attend.

Download ‘The Way Home’ Camporee Bulletin 1 here.

The Australian Union Conference and South Pacific Division also hold Pathfinder Camporees every 8 years (alternately) with the next one scheduled for January 2023. The 2023 Camporee will be a South Pacific Division Camporee which involves all clubs from this region.




JC Camp is a brand-new camp just for Junior Counsellors. On JC Camp you will meet other JC’s from across the conference while having a great weekend away. You’ll be able to grow closer to God, develop leadership skills, have opportunity to ask questions, eat some gourmet campfire cooking and have fun!
For information on the current year’s JC Camp go to our events page.




The CLUB 200 Award has been running in our conference for a number of years. It was put in place with the following aims:

  • To provide a consistent, yet flexible operating framework for the Clubs in our conference.
  • To provide a framework to assist in planning the year’s activities for clubs.
  • To give assistance to new Pathfinder Leaders by highlighting/focusing on those elements which are important to a club’s success.
  • To give our Leaders & Pathfinders something to strive for throughout the year.
  • To give the Conference Youth Ministries Director and District Directors a ‘big picture’ of our Pathfinder Clubs.
  • To give our Pathfinders and Leaders a sense of achievement, the fruits of which (i.e. the award) can be displayed and shared with their home church.


CONTACT for Noosa Pathfinder Club – Mr Phillip Paul




School Musicals and Music/Art/Drama

Students of NCC are also encouraged to participate in the school-wide annual Arts events including School Musicals and Showcase evenings. 

Showcase Evening
Showcase is an evening where students are given the opportunity to perform and display their work to an audience of parents and visitors to Noosa Christian College. It is normally held in September.


Private Music Tuition is available for students whilst on campus during the week. Please contact our school office for more information about music tuition or other extra curricular activities at NCC by phoning 07 5447 7808.

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The College is a co-educational day school currently catering for students in Kindergarten to Year 12. The College is open to students regardless of their religious affiliation, ethnic background, gender or national origin.

Noosa Christian College acknowledges the traditional custodians of this land on which we gather and we pay our respect to local Indigenous Elders and leaders past, present and emerging, and recognise the strength, resilience and capacity of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.