Student Leaders

College Captains

Our College Captains are appointed according to their ability to;

  1. Provide the highest level of responsible student leadership in the College
  2. Represent the College at public commemoration events such as ANZAC Day
  3. Be the student leaders of the SRC
  4. Assist the school administration with events such as Open Days, Registration and Awards Night.

Our Noosa Christian College Captains for 2019 are;

SECONDARY:    Thomas Cooke and Danika Fatnowna


PRIMARY:    Liam Virgo and Aysha Packer


Sport Captains

Students are selected as leaders in the sporting events and competitions which NCC hosts on-site or participates in off-campus. The role of our Sport Captains is to;

  1. Show leadership in health and physical education by demonstrating and encouraging participation and good sportsmanship
  2. Assist staff with marshalling, set-up and pack-down of events
  3. Act as captains for sporting teams at off-campus competitions.

Our Sports Captains for 2018 are;


Nathan Watts and Elizabeth Drinnan – NEWCOMBE-FREEMAN


Jacqueline Lavery and Sophie Kerr – BRADMAN-FRASER



Jalen Scale and Sissy Jowett – NEWCOMBE-FREEMAN


Gus Hill and Meg Marks – BRADMAN-FRASER



Primary Choir Leader

Our Noosa Christian College Primary Choir Leader for 2019 will be advised shortly after school resumes.

Student Chaplains


Phoebe Clare, Kyra Godber, Kaia Powell-McKinnon, Malachi Fatnowna


Nicholas Maver, Aaliyah Vaotuua, Emma Garrick, Danika Fatnowna, Sophie Kerr

Student Representative Council

Each year Noosa Christian College appoints a Student Representative Council (SRC) for each of our Secondary and Primary student bodies. The purpose of these groups is to meet each month with a staff supervisor to address student concerns, and to co-ordinate fundraising for facilities and resources that benefit the whole school.


To be advised.


To be advised.

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