Year 11 Sydney & Avondale Trip

It sounds like the Year 11 students had quite an exciting and educational trip to Cooranbong and Sydney! Here’s a recap of their activities:

  1. Cooranbong (Avondale University):
    • Participated in a scavenger hunt in the university’s library.
    • Played basketball.
    • Tried indoor rock climbing.
    • Visited a farm where they fed cows, goats, and chickens.
    • Explored Catherine Hill Bay, discovering starfish and other marine creatures in rock pools.
    • Attended the Festival of Faith.
  2. Sydney:
    • Took a tour of the iconic Sydney Opera House.
    • Visited a Jewish Museum for cultural and historical insights.
    • Enjoyed a night walk over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, taking in the breathtaking views.
    • Explored Sydney Harbour, perhaps enjoying some leisure time by the water.
    • Took a ferry ride to Manly, enjoying the scenic journey.
    • Experienced the thrill of a jet boat ride in Sydney Harbour.

This trip seems like a perfect blend of academic enrichment, outdoor adventure, cultural exploration, and fun activities, providing the students with memorable experiences and broadening their horizons beyond the classroom.