Our Kindergarten opened on Wednesday 25th January, 2017.  The not-for-profit Kindergarten operates from 8:45 am to 2:45 pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays during school terms.

We aim to provide the highest quality care, education and endeavour to partner closely with parents in the learning journey. We follow the Early Years Framework (Belonging, Being, Becoming) which has a strong emphasis on play-based learning, and the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines, which enriches students' learning throughout the year, and our Education, Curriculum and Learning Policy. The QKLG will prepare the children for Prep. All Educators at our Service are trained and experienced in areas of early education and care.

The class is restricted to no more than 22 children. For 2020 enrolment, children will need to turn four years of age by 30th June 2020. Note, If a parent chooses for their child to attend the program less than the 3 days in a week, the charges are still for the 3 days.

Click on the image below to download the Parent Information Booklet.

*  Air-conditioned classroom
*  New playground ... New resources!
*  College Library Resource Centre
*  College oval for Infant Sports Days

A typical day in Kindergarten would include some of the following: Art, craft, and other fine motor skills activities, physical education and games for gross motor development; rhymes, singing, poetry and music; movement and drama experiences; science and discovery experiences; outside play; free role play; books and stories; quiet time for rest/sleep. Our Kindergarten students also enjoy visits from the local fire brigade, wildlife animals, puppet shows etc. They also are included in College activities like Infants Sports Carnivals, billy cart races at the Noosa Billy Cart Grand Prix, borrowing books at the College's Library Resource Centre, Under 8's Day and many other exciting events!


Sustainability at Noosa Christian College looks like:
*  Recycle, Reuse, Reduce
*  Categorising our rubbish - General rubbish, recycling and food scraps for worms and chickens
*  Food scraps from our worm farm, converted into worm juice as nutrients for our plants
*  Scraps for the chickens provide us with delicious fresh eggs for our school community to purchase
*  Using paper and grocery boxes at the collage area
*  Using limited water in the sandpit
*  Using rainwater from our tanks for water play and gardening
*  Save water with our dual flush
*  Intentional teaching and supervision of hand washing using minimal water
*  Encouraging wrapper free lunch boxes
*  Reduce the number of paper towels used
*  Turn the lights off when we are away from the classroom

The Early Years Learning Framework strongly recommends that sustainability be 'embedded in all daily routine and practices' within early childhood settings, and that early childhood educators need to discuss with children that all 'living things are interconnected'.


Our Kindy program is $34 per day (3 days each week, except school holidays), however, Health Care Card holders may be eligible for a further discount. PLUS, if you have siblings enrolled at our College, you receive further sibling discounts from our College. Please read the following information from the Qld Kindergarten Funding Scheme webpage:
You will be eligible if you:
* hold a current Australian Government Health Care Card (or have a child who does)
* are a foster family with a current Australian Government Health Care Card
* hold a Department of Veterans' Affairs Gold Card or White Card
* identify as being Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander (or have a child who does)
* have 3 or more children of the same age, enrolled in the same year.
The subsidy can be claimed once only, even if you meet multiple criteria.

Also available for download is the 2020 Noosa Christian College Statement of Fees.

NCC enrolment forms are available here to download:
Noosa Christian College Enrolment Form  |  Kindergarten Insert to Enrolment Form

For a Kindy Waiting List Application Form for future years enrolment, please click here.

2020 Enrolment - Child born 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016
2021 Enrolment - Child born 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017
2022 Enrolment - Child born 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018

Download our Kindy Booklet by clicking on the picture below.



"We have absolutely loved our Kindy experience this year. We have felt that the teachers go over and above to make each family feel part of the Kindy family. They communicate openly about issues and are happy to have a chat when needed. They are authentic and generous with their love for each child and really get to know them and what makes them tick. Our daughter is always excited about going to Kindy, playing in the lovely outdoor area or engaging in an activity indoors. We couldn’t have asked for a better start to her schooling."  Angela Spies

"Kindy at Noosa Christian College is amazing! We feel incredibly blessed to have found such a caring community for our child. The teachers are exceptional. They create a warm, inviting, calm and safe environment for little learners where quality learning experiences take place. We love Kindy at Noosa Christian College!"  
Jo Fuller 

"My son looks forward to going to Kindy every week at Noosa Christian College. The teachers are very loving and caring as well as the environment and my son has made many close friendships with the other children in his class and with the teachers as well. The teachers are very organised and have so many great activities for the children. As a parent I know that he is being well looked after".  Shannon Gardner

"Our son has had a great six months at Kindy! Thank you for all your support! We really appreciate all the care that Mrs Wareham and Mrs Clare have shown him. The level of communication and collaboration with us is also very much appreciated!"  Jonathan Porter and Maria Busk

"My son had attended Kindy elsewhere the previous year so a change was good for him. Also, he has a big sister at the school and will be attending Prep, so doing Kindy at NCC was an obvious choice. I love the variety of indoor and outdoor play including the gardening, worm farm, ball play, craft and obstacle course challenges. I love that my son is interested in the different activities on offer and is encouraged to try new things. The facility is spacious, clean and bright with a great flow from inside to outside. There are lots of different resources to cater for the children's differing interests. He loves his teachers and his friends, playing on the swings and having lots of fun - he wishes Kindy was 5 days a week! I am extremely happy with the teachers, they make my son and I feel very comfortable and happy, and are very easy to talk to. After suffering separation anxiety, the teachers worked tirelessly with us to get him settled and now he very happily waves me good-bye. They are both gentle and nurturing and like to have fun while focussing on the learning and development of the kids - an amazing team and I recommend them very highly! The teachers both do an incredible job and I am very pleased that NCC opened a Kindy this year!!!  Ally Harding



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