Fee Information

Financial Information
Noosa Christian College desires to offer the finest possible independent education at the lowest possible cost to parents. Our school fee structure is competitive. At the same time, it remains our determination never to sacrifice the quality of the all-round education we offer. The College is financed primarily from three sources: Tuition fees, and Commonwealth and State Government recurrent grants. 

Discounts on the tuition component of the fees are available for the second and subsequent children enrolled. There are three options for payment - annually, per term or by payment plan. For all new starting families (first attending), term fees must be paid in full, by the end of the first week's attendance. From there, you can choose to continue paying by term or a payment plan can be established. The terms of this payment method are to be negotiated with the Business Manager. For current families, please see the Business Manager if you wish to change your current payment method. Fees may be paid in cash, cheque, credit card or direct debit.

You can download a copy of our Financial Information here.

If you would like Noosa Christian College to direct debit your account, the request form can be downloaded here - Direct Debit Request Form for Parents.

Our bank account details for payments is - 

Account Name: Seventh-day Adventist School Noosa Christian College
BSB: 034-002
Account Number: 638134
Reference: Use Family Code

School Fee Schedule
The fee schedule is established each year by the Queensland Education Board of Management for all of our system schools within the South Queensland District. 

Bond Application Fee
A $100 Bond is required with the application. The Bond is retained until your child leaves in Year 12 or earlier. To receive your child's bond back, if leaving earlier than Year 12, we will require a term's notice in writing.

General Levy 
This levy covers the costs of keeping software technology updated and also helps cover the costs associated with sport. This is currently $100 per term. Please note, we offer students in the Secondary College, a range of sport options and this incurs additional costs, depending on the choice the student makes.

Building Fund Donation
All families are invited to make an annual donation to the Building Fund (a request of $160 per year per family). Your contributions are used for the repairs and maintenance of our existing buildings as well as the cost of our future developments we are working towards. A tax deductible receipt is issued.

P & F Levy
This levy is to put fundraising activities of the P & F Association on a more level footing across the College community and ensures that parents are not asked to contribute during the year with donations for events.  Cost is $100 per family for the year.

Text Books and Stationery
Book and stationery lists will be generated by the College and a central order placed. Textbooks and stationery items will be available at the end of each year for Primary and at Registration Day for Secondary. Payment for textbook packs and stationery items is  due mid-Term 4 for Primary and at Registration Day for Secondary, in the week prior to the commencement of Term 1. Please note that online subscription costs and photocopying card bond of $20 for new students only (refundable when card returned) is due for all students on Registration Day.

Laptop Levy
For students in Years 1 and 2, the levy is $10 per term (shared laptops). Years 3 to 6, the levy is $30 per term, one laptop per 2 students. For students in Years 7 to 12, the levy is $160 per term, for individual laptops. This amount includes the hire and repairs and maintenance as set out in the ICT Agreement.

Approximate Cost of Class Camps and Trips
Years 4 – 6 annual camp approximate cost $260 per student
Years 7 – 9 camp approximate cost $260 per student
Year 10 Work Experience - no cost normally
Year 11 - Overseas service trip to vanuatu - approximate cost $1,300 plus extra cost of approximately $500 for passport, vaccinations etc.
Year 12 - Trip to Sydney and visit Avondale College of Higher Education - approximate cost $600

Prompt Payment Discount
4.5% for payment of the total yearly tuition fee when paid at the beginning of Term 1
  • 4% for the payment of the first term tuition fee when paid on Registration Day, and subsequent term fees when paid by the end of the first week of each term.
  • Sibling Discounts (on tuition fees):15% for the second child
  • 30% for the third child
  • 100% for the fourth and subsequent children
  • Please note: a late payment fee of $30 will be added to all overdue fees

If you have any queries about our Fee Schedule or would like to discuss enrolment with our staff, please phone our Office on 07 5447 7808.

Departure Terms
Should you wish your child/children to leave Noosa Christian College, a term's notice must be submitted in writing to the Principal, otherwise the following Term's tuition will be payable. Please note, that there will be no deduction from term fees for family holidays or trips abroad.


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