Year 7 & 8

Year 7: Program Overview for 2018

At Noosa Christian College (NCC), Year 7 has been part of High School since 2011. Our program features dedicated Year 7 teachers, Miss Courtney Ace and Mrs Anita Mitchell Kerr, who will assist your child with the transition into Secondary College. We believe that Year 7 students continue to need much of the support structures that a Primary school classroom provides. This is why we have purpose-built systems and structures in our Year 7 program to ensure your child does not get lost in the ‘big school’ environment.

Year 7 students at NCC in 2018 enjoy the following benefits:

  • Students have a dedicated Year 7 teacher for some of the key areas of learning and students do not need to change classrooms as often as the higher grades do.
  • Students are introduced to specialist area subjects and teachers in their first year of High School. This allows students to have quality teaching and learning experiences, while getting a taste of a broad range of subject areas.
  • Year 7 students are provided with their own locker, intentionally located right outside their classroom to assist them in becoming familiar with the routine of using a locker.
  • Year 7 Students participate in a specialised ' Study Skills'  subject twice a week to assist them in preparation for Secondary-style assessments and exams.
  • Every student is provided with a laptop that is fully equipped and resourced with all required software; accidental insurance and accidental damage protection; access to College controlled and filtered internet and also printing services.

The balance of the other subjects for Year 7 include: 

  • English & Mathematics - Mrs Anita Mitchell-Kerr
  • Science -  Miss Cassie Feldman
  • LOTE (Japanese) - Ms Nicole Yaguchi
  • Drama – Ms Nicole Yaguchi
  • Health & Physical Education – Miss Cassie Feldman
  • Music – Mrs Anita Mitchell-Kerr and Mr Lachlan Gatti
  • Food & Textile Technology – Mrs Melinda Zaninni
  • Visual Art – Mrs Melinda Zaninni
  • Design & Technology (wood and metal work) – Mr Jason Sherar
  • Geography - Miss Courtney Ace
  • History - Mrs Neroli Dobson
  • Biblical Studies - Mr Jason Sherar

Students are placed in a ‘subject rotation’ system in Year 7 which allows every student to experience all areas of the curriculum. Practically, it means that your child studies three specialist subject areas in the first 6 months (Semester 1), and then studies another three specialist areas in the second 6 months (Semester 2).

Our Year 7 students also participate in the full High School sport program which includes 'Surf Lifesaving Skills' (Term 1) and elective recreational sports (Terms 2, 3 & 4).


Year 8: Program overview for 2018

The program of classes and subjects for Year 8 is identical to that of Year 7 except that Study Skills is replaced by Business Education and takes place twice a week.

Additionally, Year 8 students attend their core subject classes in the more traditional High School format, that is, with a variety of teachers across subject areas and in different classrooms according to the subject of study.

The College’s curriculum for the Core subject areas of Maths , English , Science and Humanities & Social Science for years 7-10 are based on the Australian Curriculum which was rolled out in 2012 under the joint supervision of Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA), and Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ). Other subject areas follow the Education Queensland Curriculum.

More information:
If you would like to know more about our College for Secondary students, please contact our office for an enrolment pack or a campus tour with our College Principal. Phone 07 5447 7808.

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