Year 11 & 12

Senior students at Noosa Christian College complete subjects as prescribed by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) leading to the QCE (Queensland Certificate of Education). 

Prerequisite achievements are required for some subjects.  A subject selection form is completed with reference to the Senior Student Information Guide. Core and/or elective subjects are chosen. 

Years 11 – 12: In Years 11 and 12, students can choose from the following list of General Subjects, Applied-Registered Subjects and Vocational Courses:




A selection of courses relating to Hospitality and Tourism.



An appointment is arranged with our Careers Advisor soon after considering subject options. Each of the options contributes credits towards a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE).  Conditions apply to these options. 


TAFE Certificate or Diploma – one day per week – eligible to do one less elective subject in lieu


School Based Apprenticeship – one/two days per week – eligible to do one/two less elective subjects in lieu


Tertiary Enhanced Studies Program – one day per week – eligible to do one less elective subject in lieu


Senior students are provided with a wide variety of extra-curricular programs including; Chapel programs, Sports opportunities, Senior trips, Service opportunities and more. You can read more about our secondary extra-curricular activities at Noosa Christian College here

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