Pastoral Care

The ethos of Noosa Christian College is to inspire and lead students into a relationship with God. We believe that each student is precious because they are God’s individual creation with a unique purpose for their lives. As such, our College is committed to providing a variety of opportunities and support structures that facilitate spiritual and emotional growth during the formative - and sometimes unsettled - teenage years. 

There are opportunities during both class time and across combined activities on campus for prayer, mentoring, demonstration of values and shared worship/praise. Year Co-ordinators for each class meet with their students at the beginning of each day for roll marking and a scripture/devotional time. Our College Chaplains are also a positive support to our Secondary students through additional services outside of class time. 

Pastor Jacob Ugljesa and Mrs Catherine Campbell are our College Chaplains. They work in the Primary and Secondary areas with teaching staff and are involved in organising and providing a range of services and activities including, Bible Studies, Counselling Support, Chapel Programs and our 'Buddy System'.


Chaplaincy availability:

Pastor Jacob Ugljesa - Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Contact: (w) 07 5447 7808  (e) 

Mrs Cathy Campbell - Wednesday, every second Thursday, Friday 
Contact: (w) 07 5447 7808 (e)

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