1-to-1 Laptop Program

Every student in Secondary (Year 7-12) at Noosa Christian College, is assigned a school laptop which is used in the class room and at home for school-based learning.  The devices are lightweight tablets with protective carry bag and accessories are also provided.

 The advantages of this program include;

  1. Any time learning – students are able to work on their laptops at any time and are not restricted to set periods of accessibility to computer labs on campus.
  2. The program is fully supported with technical maintenance, repairs and assistance.
  3. Computers are set-up with supplied applications that the students require for learning, for example; Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and Adobe creative suite.
  4. Insurance for accidental damage (ADP).
  5. Access to printing services.
  6. Access to College internet which is filtered and monitored with industry-standard software ‘CyberHound’ for the protection of the students online.

Terms and conditions;

As part of this program, students are provided with an induction covering online safety and acceptable use policy for online safety, and care of devices. A document containing the Terms and Conditions of the Laptop Program is available here to download. Please click on the image below.

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