Technology systems and learning are integrated within the curriculum areas of the Prep and Primary Years.

In the early years of school, students build their familiarity with login, drill and practice, extending reading and problem solving through programs such as Mathletics® and Reading Eggs®. Several mini-labs are shared by lower Primary classes (Prep-2).

As students move through the Primary years, they utilise the Computer Labs in the Library Resource Centre, and our laptop trolleys to enrich their literacy, numeracy, problem solving, typing and research skills. Furthermore, they develop an understanding Microsoft Office suite and are assisted in the challenge to use other applications and web tools.

Interactive white boards, with touch-sensitive projectors in all Primary classrooms allow whole of class interactive learning in subject areas such as literacy and numeracy, whilst building a familiarity with technology.

In addition, several iPads are available with accessory applications for Primary students. We have a range of digital equipment such as 3D printing, Sphero balls, robotic Lego, Edison code scanners and Raspberry Pi robot projects and use of other digital software coding programs such as Scratch.

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