Parents & Friends Association

Our Parents and Friends (P&F) team are an active and passionate team who serve the school body through a variety of means.  Their purpose is to; provide support to the College in fulfilling its mission, assist in building positive relationships between staff and parents, to raise funds for specific projects for the benefit of the students, and to provide a forum for discussion for parents of students at Noosa Christian College (NCC).

Within this context, the major activities and services of the P&F are;

  1. Fundraising – The P&F raise money for additional resources and facilities that benefit the whole school. In recent years the successful fundraising activities have enabled the purchase of a state of the art portable sound system which can be utilised for school events. The major fundraising event on the P&F calendar is the Noosa Billy Cart Grand Prix (see below), held in July each year. This event brings together the school community in a fun and interactive day of billy cart racing, side show stalls, carnival rides, garage sale, market day and entertainment.
  1. NCC's P&F also manage the Canteen which operates each Friday for recess and lunch.

2020 Committee

President - Mrs Sheena Larter

Treasurer - Mrs Louise McNeich

Fundraising Coordinators - Mrs Jasmine Hytch, Mrs Anita Searle and Mrs Annette Truscott

Tuckshop Convenor - Position yet to be filled

Mother's & Father's Day Stalls - Mrs Annette Truscott


Membership and Meetings

Membership is open to all parents and guardians of students attending the College, members of the College staff, and friends of NCC who would like to take an active role in supporting the College.

Meetings are held the first WEDNESDAY of each month during School terms at 6:00pm in the Library Resource Centre. Additional meetings may also be called outside of these times for special events such as the Billy Cart Grand Prix. Such meetings are advertised in the school newsletter and on Facebook.

The AGM is held at the November meeting and includes the appointment of leadership roles for the following school year.

To download the P & F Association Membership Form, please click on the picture below.

Noosa Billy Cart Grand Prix

Each year since 2004, Noosa Christian College (NCC) Parent’s and Friends Association (P&F) hosts a Billy Cart Grand Prix - an interactive and unique event on the Sunshine Coast. This event is the major fundraiser for the P&F each year and sees a great school community spirit in action to make the day such a success.

Billy Cart racing for each team consists of both time trials (one lap) and a main grand prix race (two laps). Preps and pre-preps also get to race on the day in a fun foot race with a cardboard car (one lap).
In addition to the races, attendees can also enjoy an impressive selection of amusement rides, food court, entertainment, market stalls and other fete attractions. There are also LEGO, cooking, art and photography competitions open to all students and of course the famous "Celebrity Race"!

Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 situation, the Noosa Billy Cart Grand Prix is cancelled for 2021.
For updates, please see our Events page on our website, Noosa Billy Cart Grand Prix or our School's Facebook page, to stay connected with future plans.

Mr Peter Wellington MP races Mr Tony Wellington, Noosa Mayor.

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