Touch Football

on 03 Dec 2015 in Secondary Latest News
This year Noosa Christian College has entered three teams in the local Noosa Touch Association Competition. As well as the Senior (Year 9-12) Boys and Girls Teams, during Semester 2 we’ve had a Junior Boys team with students from Years 7-9.

Congratulations to each of these teams for their awesome effort this year! Many of our students have played their very first season of competition and it has been great to see their skills and teamwork develop as the year progressed. The Junior boys team were Grand Final qualifiers, the Senior Boys team finished 3rd in their division and our Senior Girls did well against some tough competition in their Ladies division. We are very grateful to each of our Coaches for their time and commitment in developing these students’ skills and confidence on the football field.

JUNIOR BOYS TEAM: Coach Mr Michael Taylor, Eli Taylor, Sam Yaguchi, Cooper VanderKruk, Josh Taylor, James Currie, Hamish Mienert,  Nathaneal Parlane.

SENIOR BOYS TEAM: Coach Mr Steve Parlane, James Blayney  Caenaan Parlane, Cecil Christensen, Harry Cook, Liam Cook, Luke Fielding-Smith, Jack Geisel, Matthew Collins, Nathanael Parlane.

SENIOR GIRLS TEAM: Coach Ms Cassie Feldman, Rachel Kerr,  Amelia Mitchell, Ariel Kinchington, Katelyn Tyler,  Aliesha Gray, Ellie Keemer, Orrani Fatnowna, Sophie Kerr.



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