Closing remarks 2015

on 03 Dec 2015 in Primary Latest News , Secondary Latest News
The 2015 academic year at Noosa Christian College, Cooroy draws to a close, and it’s good to look back and reflect. Our college is still quite young; it’s still only 13 years old this year (just into its teenage years!) but we are growing in capability and maturity, and while the future stretches out ahead of us, with each year that passes there’s more history to look back on, and more traditions that are developing that we can observe.

One of those traditions includes a reputation for high quality musical productions. We’ve now seen a few of them, but the performance of the ‘Prodigal Clown’ witnessed by most of the Primary parents a few weeks ago set the bar very high. Mrs Gray and your team – you truly did us proud as a College. Thank you for your wonderful efforts. It will be the turn of Secondary to ‘carry the flag’ and produce their musical next year.

On a related musical theme, we’re establishing a tradition of Primary Christmas Concerts, and while we were caught out by some unanticipated wet weather on Monday, everyone rallied to move the equipment into the Primary undercover area and the parent community had an enjoyable (cosy) evening together.

We’re establishing a tradition of greater involvement in sport. Mr Coe in Primary and Mr Benard in Secondary have developed very full PE and Sports Programs that have challenged our students individually and in multiple team sports occasions, in school and out of school. Others have assisted with coaching several Touch Footy teams, and this has been much appreciated.

We’re building a tradition of facilitating quality senior school graduates – young men and women who leave NCC at the end of Year 12 as responsible, competent, well-mannered young adults who are ready to make a meaningful contribution to the world in which we live. For those in the upper end of Primary looking for a good Secondary School, you need look no further. Word is ‘getting out there’, because the senior classes are growing nicely in size.
Interestingly, one of the ex-students who left NCC at the end of year 10 to attend a bigger college come back to visit last week and admitted that he would have done better academically had he remained at NCC.

We’re developing a Christian College culture that has as its Vision “to inspire and lead students into a personal relationship with God”. Students learn about God and his love here at NCC and are challenged to learn to trust Him themselves. The personal faith of the teachers is a significant factor in this.

We have a long standing tradition of having dedicated and hardworking staff members working at NCC, from the classroom teachers, the teacher Aides, Learning Support people and chaplains to the office staff, IT support staff, groundsmen, bus drivers and cleaners. And that list isn’t ranked by any means by the importance of what they do.

There’s a tradition of selfless service by members of our ‘volunteer brigade’, members of the P & F, local church members, and also the many parents who come into school to help in classrooms. Those people add an additional dimension to what we can achieve, and enrich what we can offer your children, so thank you. I want to particularly acknowledge the efforts of the P & F executive, led by our President De Johnstone, who worked so hard this year.

We’re developing a very nice tradition of coming together as a school community to help each other when times are tough. Whether that be to help someone needing medical treatments, to give someone struggling financially a hand up, or just to show sympathy when needed, all are equally important and I want to commend you as a school community for the kindness and generosity that you continue to show to others. Generosity to others builds community as well as enriches our own lives, so let’s continue to serve our fellow man when needs arise.

In 2016 there will be quite a few changes ahead in the area of staffing (see our latest edition of the College News here) but all for the better and smoother operation of NCC next year.

I take this opportunity to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support of our College over the past three years, and also your support for me personally, as the Principal. It has been a pleasure and a privilege working with and working for you, and I look forward to seeing you many of still around the school.

May God bless you,
Kind regards,



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