Business Excursion

on 03 Dec 2015 in Secondary Latest News
On Thursday November 26th, the Yr 11 business class was provided with an opportunity to visit the Sunshine Coast Airport proposed development site, as well as Costco at Northlakes.

At the Sunshine Coast airport, Simon Kinchington (also an NCC parent) one of the project development officers, gave a very informative presentation of the significance of the proposed new runway expected to be completed by 2020. Students learnt about how the airport will contribute to the local economy in regards to income and additional jobs, as well as the many years of planning for this development. The highlight of the tour for the students was driving in the NCC bus along the runway just after a Jetstar plane had taken off! Some Jetstar passengers who were boarding their plane had a long and interested look at our NCC bus as we pulled up next to their plane for a photo!

The visit to Costco showed students a very successful and BIG (yes, over 14000 square meters of floor space) wholesale business model. Students learnt about the significance of where products are physically located and reasons why management ensures products are moved on a regular basis to encourage shoppers to ‘look around’ to increase the chance that some additional items may end up in your trolley. The girls in the class were wowed by some of the diamonds on display and all students enjoyed a taste of the free samples as we moved around the store. At the end students realised how ‘big’ things really are at Costco as they enjoyed huge slice of pizza and a cuddle with some life-size teddy bears.


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