We are pleased to share some 'post school updates' on several of the graduates from Noosa Christian College. We love learning a little more about their dreams and career achievements since completing their Secondary studies with us.


Ayla graduated from Noosa Christian College in the first Year 12 class of 2011. She says she and her colleagues benefited from the ‘small school feel’ of NCC as they were all good friends, and she still catches up with most of them from time to time “I made some really great friends that I think I’ll have for life”.

While Ayla enjoyed school, she couldn’t wait to finish year 12 to have a gap year from studies, and continue to pursue her passion for music. During her first year out of school she continued to do about two performances a week and also worked in a Medical Reception role. Whilst living in Sydney for a few months she also had the opportunity to do live gigs and further expose her music to a wider audience. In 2013 she moved back to the Sunshine Coast and completed a dual diploma of Music and Music Business, whilst teaching beginner guitar. She had eleven students, including a few young people from NCC.

In 2014 she received a scholarship from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane and commenced her Bachelor of Music. She is extremely grateful for this opportunity and is enjoying her studies.

From a young age, Ayla has been writing and performing. In fact when she was five, her parents bought a tape recorder to record the first song she ever wrote. But while music was something she had always had a passion for, she was never convinced that it would be the field that she pursued. She did consider a career in Accounting or Journalism but realised it was music that she really loved, so it made sense to further explore that rather than pursue something she wasn’t set on.

And, it seems her decision was the right one. Not only has she received a scholarship to study at QUT, her work in writing and recording has paid off with an impressive list of awards and recognition.

  • In 2012, her original song ‘Talk About Home’ made it to the finals of the Teen Category of the International Song Writing Competition. In 2013, another original track ‘Wish I Was’ made the semi-finals in two categories of the International Song Writing Competition.
  • In 2014, ‘Wish I Was’ was released as a single and played on commercial radio stations including 91.1 Sea FM as well as nationally on triple j, becoming the 15th most played track on triple j in 2014.
  • Internationally, she gained a distribution deal with EGO Records in Italy (Emma Louise, The Jezabels), with her music airing on European radio and a Top 20 Remix EP as well as a Top 10 single on the Italian iTunes charts.
  • In the last twelve months she has performed at the Caloundra Music Festival, the Mitchell Creek Rock and Blues Festival, The Originals Festival and done a showcase at BIGSOUND Music Festival. She has also supported acts including The John Steel Singers, Bonjah, The Pierce Brothers and Husky as well as doing her own East Coast tour with a band.
  • In March 2015 she received the Billy Thorpe Scholarship grant at the Queensland Music Awards
  • And, in 2015 she released a second single ‘Waiting’, which has again been picked up by Triple J radio.

With such an amazing set of achievements in four years, we asked her if she has a particular goal or dream she would still like to achieve, and she replied “ I have a lot of goals that I’m working toward. I have a whole year calendar on my wall and written on it are the things I’d like to achieve this year. I think it’s good to have your goals in front of you so that you can keep working toward them. I’ve always tended to put a lot of pressure on myself to succeed, and have found that it is important to find the balance between pushing yourself to stay motivated and taking pride in what you’ve done so far to keep yourself inspired .”

Congratulations Ayla, we are proud of your passionate spirit, dedication and courage to pursue your dreams and wish you every blessing on your life.

Image Credit: Courtney Krawec Photography
(June 2015)


Matthew, College Secondary Captain, graduated from Noosa Christian College in 2014. Whilst in Year 10, he completed a Cert III in Sports Coaching through the Australian Academy of Sport on the Gold Coast and Noosa Yacht and Rowing Club. Matthew was a Yachting Australia Instructor from Year 9 to Year 12 and worked at the Noosa Yacht and Rowing Club. The interest in sailing came from Mr Nigel Hobson taking him when in Year 8 to the club for sailing as a sport option.  

Matthew is always ambitious and a "go getter" and a few days after graduating, he had commenced an apprenticeship with BMW, Lamborghini and Ferrari. At the end of November in 2018 he will have completed his apprenticeship, with extra credentials. He will continue to work as a mechanic for a period of time in Brisbane, then will come back home to Noosa to commence studying Business at University. 

Congratulations Matthew on your passionate, positive attitude and achievements so far. We look forward to watching you progress! 



"Noosa Christian College provided me with a love of learning, a sense of belonging and inspired my passion for teaching. I am currently completing my Bachelor in Education (Primary) at the University of the Sunshine Coast with plans to continue on to complete my Master of Education.

During my studies, I have often referred to my teachers and learning experiences at NCC for ideas and guidance (I'm sure my former teachers loo k forward to karma coming my way for all the talking and laughing I did in class!).

I will always remember NCC fondly and treasure the lifelong friendships I made during my school years. I am excited about my career in Teaching and hope to, one day, have the opportunity to return to Noosa Christian College as a Primary School Teacher". ~ Jake Scott

Jake graduated from NCC in 2014. Thank you so much Jake and from everyone at Noosa Christian College ... we are proud of you!


We congratulate Chris MacRae, our 2016 College Secondary Captain who is currently studying a Bachelor of Performance, majoring in Piano. He is attending the Griffith University Queensland Conservatorium of Music in Brisbane.

We can't wait to see you perform when you are finished. Well done Chris!



We congratulate Jade Zaninni who graduated from NCC in 2015. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Creative Industries at USC majoring in Design, Photography and Music.

Jade works as a musical performer around the Sunshine Coast at festivals and events. Jade mentioned that she had such a good grounding in design at Noosa Christian College and has really excelled at it at University, receiving High Distinctions and Distinctions for her assessments.

At times, Jade has come back to NCC to contribute in the College environment mentoring Senior Art students, and giving tutorials such as Adobe Illustrator program training to students.



Katie graduated from Noosa Christian College in 2014 and is currently working as an Assistant Nurse while studying at the University of the Sunshine Coast. She will be completing a Bachelor of Nursing Science this year and is looking forward to future work opportunities.

Since graduating from Noosa Christian College in 2011, Shelly has gone on to complete a Bachelor of Nursing Science at the University of the Sunshine Coast and a Post Graduate Certificate in Cardiac Nursing. She is currently working as a scrub/scout and recovery nurse in the Cardiovascular unit at the Mater Private Hospital Brisbane.

Congratulations to Katie and Shelly on your success. We are proud of you both!



After leaving NCC, Andrew moved to Sydney with the intention of going to the University of NSW. He started there, but then decided to study Arboriculture (tree climbing) at TAFE. 

He then applied for a Traineeship with the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service and was successful. Here he learnt many different trades and skills such as general carpentry and metal work, pest and weed management and remote area firefighting. He also had the opportunity to baby-sit penguins and to be winched down 60 metres out of a helicopter into the wilderness and help uncover and record Aboriginal engravings.

Andrew is currently completing a Diploma of Arboriculture simply because of his love of trees!

He says that it was his Biology teachers at NCC (Mr Hobson and Mrs Benard) who had a passion for the natural environment and a love for David Attenborough that inspired me to learn more about it and how to protect it. 

Above is a photo of Andrew digging the burning bits of a Eucalyptus saligna - Sydney Blue Gum at a fire in the Wollemi National Park early in 2018. 

Congratulations Andrew on finding study and work that you are so passionate about. We are very proud of you!


"Since graduating from Noosa Christian College in 2014, I have been at Avondale College studying Secondary Teaching in Physical Education and Industrial Technology. My schooling at NCC definitely prepared me socially and academically for the next chapter in my life. The teachers at NCC are fantastic. The authentic and genuine support that I received is something that I’m truly thankful for.

The small tight knit community is what makes this s chool so unique and special. I’ve made some great friends at Noosa and still keep in contact with them to this day. I hope that one day I have the opportunity to work alongside some of the staff at Noosa. The teachers have had a significant impact on my life. They still continue to inspire and challenge me in a variety of ways to make a difference in the next generation to come”. ~ Nathan Irvine 

Thank you so much Nathan for updating us on what you have been doing. On behalf of our College community, we congratulate you on your study achievements and we are very proud of you. 


"At 17, after graduating, I moved to a Brisbane residential college to study at University. I’m in my second year of a dual degree consisting of a Bachelor of Business Management (majoring in Human Resource Management) and a Bachelor of International Hotel and Tourism Management (majoring in Events Management) at the University of Queensland. So far, I love my course and have made some great industry connections".  ~ Ellie Keemer

Thank you so much for updating us Ellie. Congratulations on your achievements ... you have a bright future ahead of you when you complete your dual degree! From everyone in the NCC community, we are so proud of you!



Harrison graduated in 2017 from Noosa Christian College. During Year 11, Harrison completed a Cert II in Rural Industry and a Cert II in Horse Husbandry as this was an area of interest to him after competing and credentialing his National Champion horses and setting up a horse breeding program on his parents' farm.

After completing Year 12, Harrison applied for a Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology at University as his first choice, and was accepted. He wants to study Network Engineering after he has completed this degree.

Congratulations Harrison on your achievements ... we are so proud of you!


Micaela graduated in 2014 and went on to study Secondary Science Teaching at Avondale College of Higher Education.

She was inspired to become a Teacher because of her Primary and Secondary Teachers' dedication and love of teaching, and their willingness to go out of their way to encourage and support her.

Micaela is graduating with a Bachelor of Science Teaching at the end of this year, and is completing her final practical experience at Noosa Christian College, where it all began for her.

Congratulations Micaela! We at Noosa Christian College are proud of you, and so happy we inspired your career. We look forward to seeing you here in Term 3. :-) 


Brianna graduated in 2017 and is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at Griffith University on the Gold Coast.

She has just completed her first Trimester and is currently enjoying her break by assisting on a sea kayaking expedition for 13-15 year old's through our South Queensland Pathfinder Department. 

While Brianna enjoyed her time at Noosa Christian College as part of the Chapel Band and School Captain, she also took part in a lot of extra curricular activities like Pathfinders, Summer Camps and The Duke of Edinburgh Award. Brianna is now working on her Pathfinder Leadership Award and was recently awarded her Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award by Prince Phillip earlier this year.

Choosing a career was a difficult decision for Brianna, however, she was inspired to study something where she was helping people to develop good habits and a healthy lifestyle. 

The best advice Brianna could give to those who are still studying in high school, is to "Get the best grades you can, so that when you figure out what you would like to do, you have the score to do it! Remember though, don't forget to take part in life along the way, because that helps too". "Noosa Christian College made a big different in my life!  I hope it makes one in yours too!" ~ Brianna Garrick

Congratulations Brianna on your fantastic achievements. We are very proud of you!


"I left Noosa Christian College and had a shoulder reconstruction. I started a Diploma of Business, but half way through I decided to start looking for business to buy. I looked at a couple, crunched the numbers, and settled on one.

It’s been a hard upward battle but nothing's easy right! I’ve been self employed since December 2016 and have two part time technicians that help me out. Otherwise, I do a bit of travel and four wheel driving!

The business is called Nu Life Stone Care ( ). It is a stone restoration business and we repair, polish, seal and clean natural stone floors and benchtops. We are based in Noosa".  ~ Caleb Monroe

Congratulations Caleb on your drive, determination and success. From all at Noosa Christian College, we are very proud of you.


Courtney started in Year 2 at NCC when it opened in 2003, and graduated Year 12 in 2013 with an OP 2.

She was accepted into Griffith University to study a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics, but decided to have a gap year, which sent her in a totally different direction. In 2014 she attended ARISE at Kingscliff, NSW, which is a program that focuses on building a relationship with Jesus and sharing Him with others. This was a turning point  in Courtney’s life.

She was given the opportunity to volunteer as a Bible worker in Ballina for the remainder of that year. In 2015 she was offered a full-time Chaplaincy position at Tweed Valley Adventist College and is loving working with the team and students there.

Courtney is also studying Chaplaincy and Counselling via distance while she works. She feels called to use the gifts that God has given her to make a difference, not just in this life, but for eternity.

Congratulations Courtney! From the NCC staff and community, we are very proud of you.

Portrait shot: Emma Nayler Photography 
School photo: Wes Tolhurst Photography



“I am currently studying at the University of the Sunshine Coast doing a Bachelor of Design. I am in second

I graduated from Noosa Christian College in 2017 with many memories that I will cherish forever. While it was all fun, NCC guided and helped me in my choices for life after school.

I give thanks to the amazing teachers at NCC and without them I wouldn’t be where I am today”. ~ Joshua Irvine

Thank you so much Joshua for the update. We are very proud of you!

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